Powder Coating

Wolf Handrail® Powder Coating Perfection

Wolf Handrail & Railings have a long history for spectacular colors and finishes which can only be achieved by using the best powders, treatment processes, automation, and dedicated staff.

Our 21,000 sq. ft. automated powder coat facility was built by first identifying the end goal of providing our customers with the most brilliant durable aluminum finish available today – perfectly coated aluminum extrusions and brackets that can withstand the harshest environments.

To accomplish this excellence, we consulted with the top chemical engineers in America who developed a 5-stage pretreatment process with environmentally safe chemical washes specific to our aluminum alloys.

After five pretreatment washes, the parts are dried at 220 degrees by traveling through the right side of our 80 ft. 2-lane oven. Upon exiting the oven, the parts make their turn towards the 8-automated electro-charged powder guns, all the while infrared lasers are relaying part size and shape information to the brain of the operation which then triggers the guns to powder the pieces with precision every time. The powder is then cured to perfection at 425 degrees in a final pass through the left lane of the oven.

  • AAMA 2604 and 2605 certified
  • Fully automated state of art facility and processes for consistency across multi-year projects
  • Non-toxic chemicals for environmentally safe operations
  • 1000’s of custom colors and color matching options

Stock Color Options

Available in the following stock colors.

Baluster & Glass Railing Kits

Round Handrail Kits

Screen Enclosures

Custom Color Options

Lead times for custom colors are 3-4 weeks. A 30-45% upcharge applies.


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